Science, Technology & Medicine

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FD 12A -


FOUN1201/FD12A  2012/2013 Lecture Schedule


The course is intended to be studied in a variety of ways. It can be used for self-study, complemented by such resources and/or reference materials as are available. Alternatively, it may be used as the basis of a course in which lecture/tutorial sessions are used as a means of exploring some of the more difficult ideas and concepts in the text. In the latter case, a suggested format is at least 12 2-hour lecture/tutorial sessions during the semester in teaching weeks 1 - 6 and 8 - 13.

The course will be assessed by two 2-hour papers, the first of which will relate to Module 1 and the second to Module 2 each is marked out of 50%.  The examination on Module 1 will take place in Week 7 and Module 2 in Week 14.  A Pass/Fail will be determined by the aggregate grade on the two parts of the course examination. Both examinations must be taken in order to obtain a pass.

Course Objectives:           

To develop the ability of the student to engage in an informed manner in public discourse on matters pertaining to the impact of science, medicine and technology on society

The course material is divided into two Modules, Module 1 being The Nature, Importance and Methodology of Science and Module 2 being The Impact of Science on Society in General and on Caribbean Sciences in Particular.                                     .


The course will be delivered by a group of lecturers with specialty in each of the relevant topics. All questions and comments should be addressed to the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dean's Office.


The course manual compact disc can be purchased at the Dean's Office.